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Post by Maud on Wed Nov 05, 2014 10:00 pm

No Game No Life

No game no life 152408_zps796b5ec1

Official Title

TV Series, unknown number of episodes

09.04.2014 till ?

Ecchi, Fantasy, Novel, Parallel Universe, Seinen

Sora and Shiro, a brother and sister whose reputations as brilliant NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) hikikomori (shut-in) gamers have spawned urban legends all over the Internet. These two gamers even consider the real world as just another crappy game. One day, they are summoned by a boy named God to an alternate world. There, God has prohibited war and declared this to be a world where everything is decided by games - even national borders. Humanity has been driven back into one remaining city by the other races. Will Sora and Shiro, the good-for-nothing brother and sister, become the Saviors of Humanity on this alternate world? "Well, let's start playing."



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