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Himechan! Otogitic Idol Lil`Pri

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Himechan! Otogitic Idol Lil`Pri Empty Himechan! Otogitic Idol Lil`Pri

Post by zluckystarz Thu Nov 06, 2014 10:46 am

Himechan! Otogitic Idol Lil`Pri 44380_zps373b6478

Main Title Himechan! Otogitic Idol Lil`Pri
Official Title Spellbound! Magical Princess Lil`Pri
Official Title ひめチェン! おとぎちっくアイドル リルぷりっ
Type TV Series, 51 episodes
Year 04.04.2010 till 27.03.2011
Tags magic, contemporary fantasy, fantasy, magical girl, kodomo, shoujo, daily life

* Based on Lilpri: Yubi Puru Hime Chen! trading card arcade game.

Various reports of irregularities are flooding in from all corners of Fairytale Kingdom. The truth is, Fairytale Kingdom is on the verge of destruction! This is because the happiness within peoples' hearts, the "Happiness Tone", is disappearing. The only ones who can restore the Happiness Tone are the legendary Princesses...

The queen dispatches 3 "Magic Pets" to the human world. Upon arrival, at a concert held by the popular idol, Wish, the Magic Pets meet 3 young girls who have within them the power to become Princesses.

- translated and adapted from the official japanese site by Cranston

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