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Post by Kem SU Shu on Thu Nov 06, 2014 6:38 pm

[PS1] Final Fantasy Tactics

change teamate's colour
301924D0 000x
30192690 000x
30192850 000x
30192A10 000x
30192B00 000x
2 red and gold
3 green
4 red with white and purple
5 shadow (completely black)
all item
50007F02 0000
800596ED 3232
Ramza have teleport 2 (100% success)
80057F80 01F3
every battle have 2 group (every group 5 people)
801CD274 C5CC
800577EC 0002
Ramza's job change to Holy Swordman
30057F74 0003
80057F76 000D
Max exp :80057f886363
Max level and brave :80057f8a6363
Max hp : 80057f8effff
Max speed : 80057f940d0d
Head grand helmet/maximillian armor:80057f829cb9
quick job level up=

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