[Cheat Code] Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria

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[Cheat Code] Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria Empty [Cheat Code] Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria

Post by Kem SU Shu on Fri Nov 07, 2014 8:01 pm

Cheat Code Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria

Game Shark Codes:

F410B628 717C074E
E4C09512 31FCC59C
14D09529 3478C34C
14D0B429 3478D15C
24D01228 3670D3F8
24901228 36F0D368
24D03168 36F0C538

View Menu For Max Magic Crystals
E4C0BC4E B264F540
245184A0 9F7EC409
24D384A8 1674CD29
24C1D4AE 1E56C519
24DAD40A 1675C538
24D5D4A8 9256C588
24919EAA 10F2C78C
14D0B529 14F8D53C
24D5F5AE 10D2D58D

View Menu For Max Money
E4D0BC5C BA64F540
245187B6 1E7EC50B
24C387BE 97748D29
24C1D7AA 9E56C519
24DAD70A 1675C538
24D5D7A8 9256C588
2491BDAC 1072D51C
14D09729 14F8D52C
24D5D7AE 10D2D51D

Buying Items Doesnt Decrease Money
E4D53C07 B7748464
24903468 36F0D308

Buying Items Increase Money
E4D53C07 B7748464
24103448 7EE8D308

Buy 1 Item For Max Money
E4D5BC07 B5748464
24002CEC BBF29309
24002CC6 BAF0DA1B

View Menu For Max Current HP
E4D13C17 95648C64
24C185AA 9B6EC503
24538D84 12658523
24DAD50A 1675C518
24D1958C 1246C539
24911BEE 12F2D31C
14901169 16F8D33C
249111CE 12D2D38D

View Menu For Max Overall HP
E4D1B406 BC6CFC58
24D18DA6 1B6E8481
24538590 92658DAB
24D1958A 9246C599
24D08DA2 976E85BB
24C08EB4 9EEDC409
24DAD60A 16F5C528
24D0968A 16C6C519
24D139EE 9272C15C
14D03269 16F8C15C
24D032CE 16C2C17D

Kem SU Shu
Kem SU Shu

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